Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where did the week go?

When I got to school this morning, I continued tackling the test papers that I've been marking. I did that for about 30 minutes before class. Taught classes of Grade 3. We started a new chapter, "Wash your hands". I worked through lunch and taught a Grade 4 class after.

I teach Kindergarten on Thursdays and I really regret saying that I'm not enjoying teaching this year's class. I've been working at an elementary school since '07, yet I don't think I'm an expert on kids and behaviour ... BUT - I know when a child is just *naughty.

Some of the kids are just out of control. However, I don't raise my voice. But today, I only taught half a class and went to the library opening. Soon after that, I had to go to the Siheung Education Department for the Global Etiquette Training.

Took a taxi home... the driver was really sweet, and was very interested to know that I'm from South Africa. "ahh, World-er Cup-er... Maan-dela" Him with his broken English and me, with my broken Korean, we talked about Korean food, foreigners in Korea, South Africa ... and then he looked in his rearview mirror and asked me something in Korean I didn't understand.

Me: Yeh? (a Korean way of expressing that you didn't hear the question)
Driver: Wedding? (meaning...marriage)
Me: Oh, a-ni-yo (No)
Driver: Boy-puh-rend? (Boyfriend)
Me: Obsseyo (I don't have)
Driver: Weh-yo? (Why?)
Me: Kun-yang (Just because)
Driver: Beautiful
Me: Choyo? (Me?)
Driver: Ye
Me: *smile with slight head bow* Gam-sam-ni-da (Thank you)

This isn't the first time a conversation has gone like this~

Anyways, my friend Joo-hyeon was in charge of the library remodeling project at school. She'd been going home everyday at 11pm working on it. She wanted to celebrate so we met and had a bite to eat. Didn't make it to gym today. Tomorrow... :)

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