Thursday, June 18, 2009

...and the week's nearly over.

I had speaking tests with 3rd graders today. My co-teacher thinks I must be very tired, but *secretly* I'm so happy that I'M doing the tests. I had such a stressful few days with my 2 in 1 day demo classes.

Teaching is physically tiring, but with the speaking tests, the students come to me individually in the office, I show them a few sentences in Korean and they have to say the English of it. Not too bad at all... :)

Tomorrow I'm testing 4th graders. Kindergarten class today was a headache as always. OMG... when the bell rings, I can't *wait* to escape~!

Felt so sleepy during my after school class. Don't know how I dragged myself home. I stopped at the hairdresser to trim my fringe (AKA "front hair" by Koreans), and she looked at my hair with a very questionable look and asked me who cut my hair. Clearly it's not good.

I simply can't wait for my hair to grow so that I can have it cut into a PROPER style and not some 'style' that makes me feel like a guinea pig of an experiment gone wrong. During the week I am really busy, so I have no time to fancy my hair up. So usually I just have it tied or pinned up (best thing to do in this heat).

I forced myself to go to the gym. Had a good workout and came home feeling energized and refreshed.

* I shared the elevator with someone on my floor - sometimes we leave for work at the same time in the mornings, but we only just greet e'other. Today I started talking to her - she can speak little English, so our convo was short and sweet. She lives a few doors down from me and she's a furniture designer.

Tomorrow - 5 classes of Grade 4's, then have to go out to another school to observe an open / demo class at another school. Good night, y'all xxx


Nicki said...

I could never teach. I have no patience. It's already tiring with two kids of my own.

You know what's funny. I heard about "fringe" from an Aussie girl. I had no idea what it meant. In the USA, we call it "bangs."

It's great you're working out. I do have to force myself too sometimes. But it's definitely worth it.

Don't overwork yourself. Have a great day!

Sheetal said...

@ Nicki~ Teaching young Elementary School kids has been a great learning experience for me, and has definitely taught me PATIENCE!!! I always had a LOT of patience, especially with children.. but at times, it's very thin :)

Yeah, I know about "bangs" :) Some of my Korean friends found the word very strange.

Have a great week ahead :)