Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Demo Classes in 1 day~!

I had 2 Demo Classes today. That just means that other people (parents / teachers) come to observe my class. The first one was with my co-teacher, Mr Oh. We taught a Grade 5 class. The lesson was "Let's go swimming" The aim of the lesson was to teach how one should suggest an idea as well as how to accept or decline the offer. The 5th Grade teachers were there for probably a total of 5 minutes (they had to get back to teaching their own classes).

My second Demo Class was for my after school class at 2:50pm. There are only about 14 students, and they are all really inactive. This makes my job VERY hard. Some of the boys are really naughty and I asked them beforehand to be on their best behaviour because it was an open class for parents. The time is pretty awkward, and most parents are at work during that time. However, only one father pitched up. I taught a lesson verbs. I showed them a clip of Mr Bean Makes a Sandwich and had them complete a worksheet based on the actions he was doing.

The boys got on my nerves a bit, and one student (Seong-bin) who I reprimanded last week for saying SHIT in my class, said it several times again today. I didn't find it cute! Unfortunately, some of my 6th graders are walking around with an attitude thinking that they're the 'seniors' of the school and that they can behave and do anythign they want to.

First class (Grade 5)

Second Class (After school class)

By the end of the second class, my head was kinda throbbing and I couldn't wait to get home. Was meant to visit my friend, Ki-young who had a baby recently but we canceled. I wanted to go home and veg, but pushed myself to the gym. I didn't have the kind of workout I'd have liked, but it was better than nothing.

Made an omlette for dinner - was pretty good, but *mental note* - the green chillies are stronger than what I'm used to (in Korean terms!)

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