Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's June already...

Monday, June 1 2009

My morning started off a bit stressed ~ trying to get the tests ready for my Grade 6 classes. I was a bit angry with some classes who actually admitted that they didn't study for the test that I told them about. Kids will be kids, I know...but!

Also, since I returned from South Africa, I hadn't been to the gym. After being ill with Enteritis (and NOT swine flu) it took some time before I hit the gym again.

So with it being June 1, I was determined to re-new my gym contract. I usually go in the mornings, but I was way too tired, so I went after work. It was great and I felt so refreshed afterwards (after the shower!) Met my friend, Angelina for dinner in the evening - spontaneous outing, and ended up coming home after 10pm. Still had to work, and after catching up with my brother, only got to sleep at 2am~

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