Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh SH*T !!!

Day was OK - feeling less stressed as I've decided to just let things be. I can't control everything going on around me, which is really hard at times but very necessary for one's mental well-being.

Tuesdays are always very busy for me. Four classes of Grade 5, two classes of Grade 6 and an hour of after school class.

So the boy I punished last week, Seong-bin came into class with tteok-pokki (Korean rice cake in hot sauce) and gave me some. I guess he's over his little sulking phase he went through with me. And we're 'friends' again :)

We were playing a game - sound recognition ... I played a sound (like fire, rain, school) and the kids had to guess what the sound was. The boys got one question wrong, and one of them (Seong-mo) said OH SHIT!!

Did I hear him right?

Me: Seong-mo, what did you just say?
S-m: Sorry, teacher.
Me: Seong-mo, that is a bad word. Do you hear it on TV?
S-m: No, from friend.

At that time, Seong-bin managed to jam his finger between two desks and yelled out AHHH SHIT!

I had to bite my tongue. Else I'd have laughed. I just gave them a warning.

Oh, I also told them that if they want to play on their cellphones during my class (discreetly under the desk), I'd use it to call my family in South Africa! Don't know how gullible they are for that one, though.

Weather was dreary - wet & grey. Pushed myself to gym and enjoyed it! Came home and had to work. I have an open class for the school principal tomorrow. And after lunch, going out with 6th Grade staff - good times!

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