Thursday, June 4, 2009

Global Etiquette Training

Today I "had" to go to a Global Etiquette Training. I knew it was for new teachers to Korea, but my co-teacher said I had to go. It was basically a lineup of video presentations about Korean clothes, food etc... (which I knew). I don't claim to be an expert, but~ I have learned a lot by having many Korean friends, especially about the culture and traditions. Anyways, I just took it in my stride.

I was NOT impressed with the other foreign teachers there. Some were sitting looking as if they were falling asleep while these 2 ladies (who were so enthusiastic) were speaking. Even if it WAS boring, they should at least conduct themselves in a good manner. I have found that some foreigners here forget that they are representing their countries, and when they go out to training / workshops / meetings, they are representing the schools they work for.

Typically Korean, they were so hospitable and put out a delicious spread of
snacks, sweets and drinks after the presentation~


Nicki said...

Did you notice that in a lot of Korean movies or dramas, there is a lot of eating? I enjoy it cause I like to look at what dishes other countries dine on.

Sheetal, I gotta give it to you for always posting wonderful pics!! I looooove it!

Plus it doesn't hurt that you're in an Asian country where everyone loves taking pics.

Unlike in the USA, you know. YOu look funny taking pics of everything, you look like a tourist instead, lol

Sheetal said...

Nicki~ Thank you :) I am ALWAYS snapping pics. Sometimes my colleagues are like, "ahhhh Sheetal - noooo" But it's my way of documenting my life, u know? I want to be able to look back and remember events, people etc...

I'm enjoying visiting your blog :)

Drop me an email & we can chat more. Have a lovely day further! x