Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bangkok (25) MBK Center

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Day 4: Friday, January 1 2010

Everyone's told me to go to MBK Center and to visit their Food Court. The place is HUGE! I walk around aimlessly. I go into a few stores, but nothing appeals to me. I'm experiencing the same thing as yesterday. No one acknowledges me or wants to assist when I walk into a store. I pass a bag shop and something very shiny catches my eye. I like it so decide to buy it. When I go to pay for it, the woman doesn't greet me. After paying for it, she stuffs it into a plastic bag and gives it to me. I can't take the attitude of the people here!

I go upstairs to the Food Court. I'm given a card and told that I can use it at any food stall and I'd have to pay the total when I exit.  There are a number of different foods to choose from - Italian, Indian, Japanese...I can't decide what I want to have. Also, I am not keen on ordering something very big. I know I wouldn't finish it on my own.  I walk around taking some photos and looking at the food displays. I also notice that many of the chefs are men. I decide to find a pizza joint somewhere else.

As I exit and give the card to the woman behind the counter, I tell her, "I didn't use it." She just takes it from me without saying anything. "Okay?" I ask her to make sure she heard me. "OKAY!" she says as if she's shouting at me! What. The. Hell?

I can't believe everyone raves about Bangkok. Why am I having such a bad experience with people here? I think it's time to leave MBK Center and head over to Siam Square. I'm really not that much of a shopper anyway. I pass an area that sells every item of clothing - swimwear, jeans, t-shirts... I walk through it just browsing and to kill more time. Again, bad service. I head downstairs.

I pass a Mister Donut and decide to go in for a Cafe Mocha and to take a quick breather. I sit down at a table facing a man rolling dough. I ask him if I can take a photograph. I show him my camera and make an action to take a photo. I tell him I don't want HIS photo, but just a photo of him rolling the dough. He doesn't understand and asks a girl standing nearby. I ask her and she says rudely, "No, no picture!" I'm so over this place now. I finish my Mocha and leave the center.

Good Bye MBK!

Bangkok (26) Getting to Siam

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