Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bangkok (8) Pratunam, Scooters & Tuk Tuks

Bangkok (4) The drive to the hotel
Bangkok (5) P2 Boutique Hotel
Bangkok (6) The Family from SA
Bangkok (7) Breakfast on Wed morning

Of course, everything looks different in the morning than it did the previous night. The minute I step out of my hotel, I have be 100% aware of everything and everyone around me. As I take the corner at my hotel to walk down the street, I notice a number of little alley's and children running around (some barefoot). The pavements are cracked and I have to be careful of how and where I'm walking. I can be quite clumsy otherwise! 

I suddenly feel like I'm back in Manila (Philippines). The buildings seem run down and there are people selling things everywhere.


I become very aware of the noise pollution around me. There are scooters EVERYWHERE shooting past in every possible direction. A tuk-tuk driver stops to ask if he can give me a ride. I ask him where Central World (Shopping Mall) was. He says he will take me around on a tour for an hour because Central World isn't open yet. No, thanks!

I finally reach what looks like a shopping arcade, Pratunam Center. A man who says he works in the center suggests I rather go back up the street to the "Morning Market" because no places are open at the moment (around 10:30am). I still go inside Pratunam Center and walk around as shopkeepers are opening their stores and getting ready for their day. Outside, there are people praying to various Buddha statues that are scattered around the city. 


I ask a lady for directions to Central World. Luckily, she speaks English and points in the direction I should be walking. I tell her I'm from Korea when she asks where I'm from. 

Only thing - I have to cross the street first. I join a big group of people who are waiting to cross as well. This is when I start to become afraid of the traffic and aggressive motorists. About two minutes later, safely on the other side, a man is selling sunglasses so I buy a pair (I forgot mine at home).

After crossing a bridge, I see Central World.

Bangkok (9) Central World

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