Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Practical Uses for Travel Brochures

Pic taken from Google Images
Since I arrived in Korea in 2007, I've gathered dozens of travel brochures. Many were given to me by Mr Lee, my Korean "dad" who uses any available time to visit parks, museums or monuments. He always brings back English Language brochures for me. I've also gathered a few during my travels around Asia.

In my spring-cleaning mode the other day, I decided to get rid of all of them. Apart from the books I have, I don't like keeping paper in my apartment. Once you get rid of it, you'd be surprised how much 'lighter' your place will feel.

I recycle paper diligently, but I had an idea about the travel brochures that I'd accumulated over the years. Most of these places have websites - hotels, airports, history of museums and so on. There's no need to keep the printed versions.  Looking through some of them, I realized that they have great vocabulary which can be used when teaching English.

With the hype of H1N1 recently, there were brochures everywhere cautioning people to take care when traveling. The English explanations were concise and had vocab that are used on a daily basis by native English speakers. 

These kind of brochures can be used to teach adults. With Younger Learners, they can be used when teaching Phonics. There are also some wonderful photos like museums and aquariums that can be used in classroom activities.

Another idea I had about these brochures is using the pictures on a Vision Board. Majestic mountains, secluded beaches, theme parks, monuments and other things are usually what people use on their Vision Boards. So instead of tearing and cutting pictures from your favourite magazines, rather use the brochures you have collected!


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you are a super star!!!

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...hardly! Thank you :)