Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bangkok (22) Put the meter ON!

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Day 3: Thursday, December 31 2009

I'm not feeling good. This is the first time I'm experiencing something like this while on holiday alone. Was I giving Singapore too much credit? Why did everyone tell me I'm going to absolutely LOVE Bangkok? I'm not loving it. I miss Korea. I miss saying "Ahn-yong-ha-say-yoh". I miss kimchi!

I walk out the arcade with my earphones in my ear and iced Cafe Mocha in my hand. A foreign man is standing outside. I notice him because he's standing alone. I pass him and I hear him say "Hello lady, how are you?" I pretend not to hear him. I continue walking, but I hear him say again, "Hello lady"

When I was in Malaysia last year, I was approached by a man in a mall who said he was Nigerian, but living and working in Paris. When he asked if I had a boyfriend, I lied and said that I had one back in Korea. I don't want a repeat of that.

I take the corner and look for a cab to get back to my hotel. There are people everywhere, and tuk tuk drivers are trying to get my attention. I approach a pink cab, who rolls down his window. I give him the map of the hotel. He tells me he will give me a set price.

"Why can't you use the meter?" I ask.
He doesn't want to so I take the paper back from him and try another cab.

The next driver tells me, "55 Baht"
"Put the meter on please," I say sternly.
He doesn't want to.
I open the door as if to get out and ask him one more time to put the meter on.
He chuckles and puts it on. It starts at around 30 Baht. I have my fierce-i-ain't-takin'-sh!t-from-anyone-face on.

I feel like I want to cry. Why is everyone is taking advantage of me here? About two minutes later, I see buildings that look familiar. My hotel is near. SO near, that I pay only 32 Baht.

After I pay and get out the cab, I say to the driver, "...and you wanted to charge me FIFTY?"
He chuckles again. I can't wait to get to my hotel room.

When I reach the hotel, I speak to someone behind the reception desk asking about my check-out the following day and other minor details. After a full, tiring and stressful day, I head upstairs to my room and connect with my friends online.

Bangkok (23) Happy New Year!

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