Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bangkok (29) Health Land Spa

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Day 4: Friday, January 1 2010

The minute I step into Health Land Spa, I know it's an upmarket place. With upmarket prices! Women in black pencil skirts and heels are rushing around speaking to waiting customers. People waiting are flipping through magazines or sipping on ice water. A woman wearing glasses approaches me. I tell her I don't have an appointment, but I'd like a scrub and massage. She tells me I'd have to wait for 30 minutes. I say it's OK and after paying, I wait patiently to be called. The name I gave is Su-ji (my Korean name)

I know, right?! I have split personalities in Bangkok :-)


I follow a woman to an area where I have to take off my shoes and wear sandals that are given to me. I get into an elevator and I'm shown into a room that has a bed, shower and sink area. The whole place smells of massage oils. This is definitely not a place for "naughty massages" (relief!)


The scrub and massage are heavenly, to say the least!


After the treatment, I'm offered tea which is pretty good.

I leave the spa as if I'm floating on a pink cloud.
I feel amazing!


I need to take a cab back to the hotel and happen to get into the car of a very friendly and talkative driver. I'm in high spirits. It could be because I just had the most amazing nearly 2-hour treatment or the fact that once I reach the hotel, I'll be heading to the airport to fly back to Korea. I can't wait!

The driver is asking me too many questions about where I'm going tomorrow and how I'm getting there and so on. I tell him I'm flying to Phuket the following morning. Then I give him some snacks I have in my bag, hoping he'd stop with the questions. He says he's happy to meet me. He's sweet, but I'm glad when we reach my hotel. I'm feeling happy!

Bangkok (30) Adios Bangkok!

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