Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bangkok (16) Stop at the Temple

Bangkok (1) The idea to go
Bangkok (4) The drive to the hotel
Bangkok (5) P2 Boutique Hotel
Bangkok (6) The Family from SA
Bangkok (7) Breakfast on Wed morning
Bangkok (8) Pratunam, Scooters & Tuk-Tuks
Bangkok (9) Central World
Bangkok (10) Sukhumvit Road 
Bangkok (11) Himali Cha Cha
Bangkok (12) Beware of Cheating Drivers
Bangkok (13) Private Tour - for FREE?
Bangkok (14) Chao Phraya River
Bangkok (15) Chao Phraya River Vids
Day 3: Thursday, December 31 2009 

We stop at a temple. Sarah and I are nervous again about getting out the boat and how we will get back in again. After we are safe on land, we looked around. The temple is breathtaking with its intricate detail.



There is stiff competition amongst people selling their goods. One woman begs me (gripping my arm) to buy something from her. I buy 2 magnets. She still tugs at my arm saying that she'll give me something else because it's "Happy New Year". I tell her I need to walk around a bit and will come back to her.

Around the corner, I see the exact magnet that I actually wanted to buy. I buy it. I go back to the lady I bought the two from and ask her if I can please exchange the 2 magnets for a buddha (same price).  She turns her face away from me and refuses to acknowledge me. I can't believe this! She rattles on something to me acting very stubborn. I don't want my money back. I simply want to exchange what I bought. She doesn't budge, so I leave her. I'm very irritated and want to get back on the boat and back to mainland quickly.

Bangkok (17) Chin Jewelry Factory

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