Sunday, January 10, 2010

Korea's heaviest snowfall since 1937!

           I woke up to this on Monday morning           

    ...stepped out my apartment to this!



                                                                           My window         

My students made a Snowgirl called SU-JI

 Beautiful snowflakes on the window

Last week, Korea experienced the heaviest snowfall since 1937. It was unbelievable. I was amazed that some of my students still made it to school. As the days went on during the week, the snow turned to ice, making it very dangerous to walk on.


Mari said...

Wow, gorgeous snowflakes pic!

It must be very interesting to live in South Korea. I'm a lover of Oriental culture, so I'm kind of jealous now, heh.

Nice blog you got there Sheetal! :)

Sheetal said...

Thanks for visiting, :-)
Will visit your blog again soon!