Monday, January 4, 2010

Bangkok (3) Holiday Travelers

Bangkok (1) The idea to go
Bangkok (2) Adios snowy Korea
Day 1: Tuesday, December 29 2009

Holiday travelers are annoying travelers. They're either moving in groups of ten or more and screaming to each other arguing about where to go or there are children running around uncontrollably trying to ride the luggage trolley. Then there are couples who stroll as if they're on a Sunday walk - forgetting they're at an airport where some people have no time to stroll idly. Usually the guy has to carry the hand luggage and the girl just walks with her arm linked in his.

Why do I always get these smoochy-coochy-coo couples standing in front of me in a queue? Maybe they're on honeymoon? But can't they wait till their destination?!

The other kind of passengers that irritate me are those that push and elbow their way to their seats having no patience while others put their carry-on in the cabin above. I was trying to put my bag into the cabin, when an attendant thought I was holding up the queue which I was NOT.

When I settled in my seat, I noticed the lady on my right having an eye-contact conversation with a lady 2 rows in front of me. I knew instantly what they wanted. They wanted my seat! I avoided eye contact with them. That is, until a flight attendant came to me and said, "Excuse me ma'am...these two ladies are family and would like to sit together. Would you mind changing seats please?" Now how can I be a b!tch and say "I actually DO mind." So I moved.

I greeted my new fellow passengers. The man on my left was Japanese and we made some small talk about South Africa and the World Cup. About an hour into the flight, I took out my netbook to read one of my e-books to pass the time. As it started up, the lady on my right asked, "Is that your family?" I have a photo of my family as my wallpaper.

So we ended up talking for a long time. She and the lady next to her were Japanese teachers going on holiday to Thailand. She suggested a few spots to check out as she'd been there before.

She told me a very creepy story. One of her friends went to a strip club in Bangkok and when they walked in, the doors were closed behind them. They were told to pay up a large sum of money OR work there. I guess they paid, but that story freaked me out! It reminded me of a joint I went to in Manila where my aunt and I were conned, but we paid and got the hell out of there as fast as we could.

After finally arriving in Bangkok and going through Passport Control, the humidity hit me as I stepped out of Suvarnabhumi Airport. What a refreshing change from the icy weather of Korea! Hello Bangkok :-)

Bangkok (4) The drive to the hotel

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