Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bangkok (24) Check Out!

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Bangkok (2) Adios snowy Korea
Bangkok (3) Holiday Travelers
Bangkok (4) The drive to the hotel
Bangkok (5) P2 Boutique Hotel
Bangkok (6) The Family from SA
Bangkok (7) Breakfast on Wed morning
Bangkok (8) Pratunam, Scooters & Tuk-Tuks
Bangkok (9) Central World
Bangkok (10) Sukhumvit Road 
Bangkok (11) Himali Cha Cha
Bangkok (12) Beware of Cheating Drivers
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Bangkok (14) Chao Phraya River
Bangkok (15) Chao Phraya River Vids
Bangkok (16) Stop at the Temple
Bangkok (17) Chin Jewelry Factory
Bangkok (18) FURIOUS in Bkk
Bangkok (19) Lunch at Swagath
Bangkok (20) My Thai Massage
Bangkok (21) Am I invisible in Bangkok?
Bangkok (22) Put the meter ON!

Day 4: Friday, January 1 2010

I wake up on the first morning of 2010 happy that I'm leaving Bangkok. Although, I still have the whole of Friday. My flight is only at 01:15 Saturday morning, so I only have to be at the airport very late that night.

I plan on spending time at MBK Center and Siam Square. I also want to visit a spa for a scrub and massage. I have ample time and don't need to rush. I pack my luggage and head downstairs to check out at reception.

A kind man helps me. I ask him if someone could help me get a cab later that night to get to the airport. He tells me that the hotel provides a hotel shuttle and I that I qualify for that service. He asks what time I need to be at the hotel and wants to see my ticket. At the same time, someone else is writing out a ticket for my luggage to be in storage for the day. I ask them if they can suggest any good spas in the area. They tell me the one on the corner is dirty and that I shouldn't go there. Luckily I didn't the previous day.

We chat briefly and I tell them about the rude cab driver's. They apologize and one man offers to get a cab for me to take me to MBK Center. I'm grateful for this. I feel very relaxed and look forward to walking around in shopping malls that everyone has raved about to me.

About five minutes later, we reach MBK and as I pay the driver, I look into my bag for my e-ticket. It's not there! I remembered the man at reception wanted to see my flight time and he didn't give the ticket back to me.  I ask the cab driver if he has a cellphone I could use. He gets annoyed with me because he can't understand me.

I enter MBK at what seems like the back entrance. After security checks my bag, I ask him where I can find a public phone. He tells me "4 floor". He thinks I want to buy a phone. I just need to call the hotel to ask them to keep my ticket for me.  I spot a Customer Service desk and ask the lady if I can please use her phone to call my hotel as it is an emergency. She shakes her head and points somewhere. "Information Desk," she says. She's so rude and barely looks at me when she speaks. I can't believe this. I KNOW I'm not rude to people, so why is everyone in Bangkok being like this?

I can't find the Information Desk anywhere and decide to just go BACK to the hotel.  My new driver is an old man with a thick white strand of hair growing out of the left side of his chin. He drives as if he's driving on eggshells. He stops to show someone a map of the hotel I give him. It takes double the time and double the cab fare to get from MBK to my hotel than it did from my hotel to MBK just a few minutes ago.

I rush into the hotel and they people at reception are surprised to see me so soon. Relieved that my ticket is still there, I ask the man to please get me another cab to head back to MBK Center. Can anything else go wrong so early on my last day in Bangkok?

Bangkok (25) MBK Center

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