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Bangkok (10) Sukhumvit Road

Bangkok (4) The drive to the hotel
Bangkok (5) P2 Boutique Hotel
Bangkok (6) The Family from SA
Bangkok (7) Breakfast on Wed morning
Bangkok (8) Pratunam, Scooters & Tuk-Tuks
Bangkok (9) Central World

 Day 2: Wednesday, December 30 2009

I decide to head over to Sukhumvit Road which is known for its shopping centers, restaurants and tourist attractions. I'm not even going to attempt taking a Sky Train or even a tuk-tuk. I will use a cab all the way. It just feels safer to me. I approach a pink cab and ask the driver through the passenger window if he can please take me to Sukhumvit Road. He doesn't understand me, so I show him a map. He rolls the window up and waves his hands around as if to say, "Woman, I don't know what the hell you're saying."

I walk on.  Tuk-tuk drivers are lined up on the curb and every second man asks me where I want to go. I ask another cab driver. "Sukhumvit Road".  Perhaps I'm not pronouncing it properly, which is why I have a map with me. Same thing. He doesn't want me to get into the car.

I start huffing and puffing. What the hell? 

Finally, a driver understands me and off we go.
"Sukhumvit where?" he asks.

"Um, I don't know," I say.
"Sukhumvit Road very long road," he saya looking at me through his rear view mirror.
"I want Indian you know any?" I ask hopefully and also grateful that he can speak English.
He nods his head.

He drops me off somewhere and points to a blue sign saying that it's an Indian restaurant. He also tells me that I should first walk around a bit before going to that one. I do that. It's frightening walking along the pavement. Cars are almost touching the curb. That's how congested it is. There are also a lot of alley's that look very dodgy, so I don't venture near them. I assume the "naughty massage rooms" are here.




 I find this restaurant, but it looks very dark and dingy with no one inside.
I don't eat there!


I find a Starbucks and settle down with an Iced Cherry Mocha.
I'm bummed to know that they charge to use their Wi-Fi..
...I really miss Korea, because Wi-Fi is free at Starbucks :-)


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