Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bangkok (7) Breakfast on Wed Morning

Bangkok (4) The drive to the hotel
Bangkok (5) P2 Boutique Hotel
Bangkok (6) The Family from SA

Day 2: Wednesday, December 30 2009 

I have breakfast with the SA family.They are really nice and I have a good conversation with the dad who's traveled the world on business. I don't eat much, except for watermelon. There is no cereal - just some rice porridge and rice and other things which I'm not used to eating for breakfast.

They tell me about some Indian restaurant they had dinner at. It's at a mall which is apparently 'round the corner from the hotel.  I decide to just walk around on my own and do some exploring and familiarize myself with the area I'll be staying in for the next few days.

Bangkok (8) Pratunam, Scooters & Tuk-Tuks

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