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Bangkok (12) Beware of Cheating Drivers!

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Day 2: Wednesday, December 30 2009

I'm getting irritated walking on congested pavements and traffic everywhere, so I decide it's best I head back to the hotel. I approach a cab and show the driver a map to my hotel.

"200 Baht," he says.
"Why not meter?" I ask him.
"Today traffic too much ... hotel far," he goes on.
I'm really not in the mood to argue, and I'm just relieved he can speak a bit of English.
"Fine," I say.

It takes no more than FIVE MINUTES to get to my hotel. There is NO traffic.

"Why do I have to pay 200 Baht? There was no traffic," I ask him.
"Traffic!" he says raising his voice.

"It's too expensive. It was only 5 minutes," I say beginning to get angry.
"You don't pay, I make 350," he threatens me.

What the...? I quickly give him the money and jump out of the cab before he drives away with me and I become a headline story about "...the girl who didn't want to pay the cab driver".

I feel cheated and angry. There is a spa on the corner of the block where my hotel was. Maybe I'll go there later, but decide not to because I don't think it looks very clean. I just want to get to my hotel room and vent about the cab driver who'd just cheated me to my online friends. By now, I am missing Korea a lot. I still have 2 nights left in Bangkok.

FYI - 200 Baht was about 7,000 Won (7 US Dollars)

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