Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ranting on Desi Boys - Part 2

Note: This isn't a personal attack on anyone. I'm merely expressing my opinon

While I was home over my summer holiday, I went to a well-known club in East London. Not really my thing, but my brother had a gig that night and I wanted to see / hear him play.

It was during the Hindu fasting month, so there were almost no Indian party-goers that night. During the course of the night/early hours of the morning, I noticed about 5 Indian guys standing on the stairs overlooking the dance floor. I could tell they were out-of-town-ers. They stuck in their group awkwardly holding their glasses and merely bobbing their heads to the tunes of Pitbull. I think they must have been there for a total of one hour, 'cause they seemed to have disappeared.

A little while later, 2 other desi guys caught my eye. Not because of their drop-dead looks or stylish dressing, but for the way they were going on for themselves with girls on the dance floor. Mind you, skinny blonde girls wearing items of clothing that left very little to the average persons imagination.

By 3am, the dancefloor was nearly empty and tables and chairs were bare. People were trickling home in their drunken state. Sitting with a friend at a table waiting to go home ourselves, I noticed that these two desi guys sat at a table near us. They were drinking. They were smoking. They were dancing with a blonde girl - quite suggestively, I might add. And I just looked on shaking my head. A few minutes later, they were standing near us talking to someone in our group. They didn't acknowledge my friend and I at all. Why should they have when they had their arms strewn across their giggling blondes.

So this is my conclusion. Note that it can relate to any man, but in this case (since I'm Indian), I'm directing my arguments at Indian guys specifically.

Guys can go out and have fun. Boys will be boys? Drink, smoke, gyrate with girls on the dance floor. They can date anyone they like, regardless of social status or race. They may even earn the label of "Player" or "Casanova". But when it comes to tying the knot, and if he walks 'round the fire with a 'nice, homely Indian girl', everyone will look on saying - "So good he turned out, isn't?" And the reputation he once carried around town will whither away like the flames from the fire he's walking around on his wedding day.

On the other hand, a (Indian) girl goes to a club. Drinks tequila, takes a couple of puffs from a friends cigarette and is always the life of a party - well, sadly this girls reputation won't escape her as easily as her male counterpart. Instead, while she's walking 'round the fire, head bent down and eyes lowered, no doubt there'll be onlookers in the audience talking about stories they heard about "that one".

Going further, these guys date all the "fun and sexy" girls in clubs in their 20s, but when it's time to "settle down" they want a "decent Virgin-Mary-like" girl?

Unfair judgement if you ask me?


Nicki said...

Definitely unfair!!!!!!

It's such a sterotype for women in general.

It's okay for guys to go around and sleep around; they will be called studs.

But if a female does it, she is a slut.

*rolls eyes* whatever!

Sheetal said...

@ Nicki ~ YES!!! Guys are studs while girls are sluts...I hate that so much.

Thanks for reading. You rock big time x