Friday, August 28, 2009

US Air Force Dude - Part 5

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I had *nothing* to say to this guy in the cab. And I didn't want to make idle conversation about any random subject.

AFD tilts his head to the side, squints his eys, smiles and says - "Whaddya thinking 'bout, sweetie?"

Ughhh..... Thank goodness we arrived at Yong-san quickly.

So AFD was being stationed to Germany in June 2009. He told me he wanted to buy an entertainment system and blah blah blah and have it shipped over blah blah blah. I was really not interested.

He didn't know his way around Yong-san. But then again, I don't think anyone does. It has 7 levels. To avoid walking around the entire building with AFD, I found the information desk and asked them where we could find what this man was looking for. Right. Go.

To be honest, I didn't want to be seen with him. I didn't want other people to think we were "together" so I pretended to be looking at other things and told him to "carry on with what he wanted to look for"

AFD - How about going for coffee?

Was he kidding? I wanted a subway home. Not coffee. With him.

Me - I really should be getting home. It takes over an hour to get to my place and...

AFD - Ahh c'mon! We won't be long, I promise. 20 minutes?

I was really pushing it with this guy. But I kept thinking - Ok, I bet this is going to make for a good story for my friends! So we found a very crowded Dunkin' Donuts with an empty table with 2 chairs. I offered to pay. And I did. I ain't a cheapskate like that. Full stop.

Again, I have absolutely no idea what we talked about at Dunkin' Donuts. But he started yawning a lot. And rubbing his eyes.

Me - Gee, am I that boring?

AFD - No no no no ... it's not you, but I'm just suddenly very tired.

Again with the yawning. Eye rubbing. Damn. This guy was anything but subtle.

Me - Umm, I think I really should get going now.

AFD - I'm really sorry, I don't know why I'm so tired like this -maybe it's just really hot in here?

Whatever man!

We took the escalator downstairs and walked outside.

AFD - Are you going straight home, or you going somewhere else?

This sounds like a normal question, but with his cheesy tone and smile - I was pissed off.

Me - I'm going home.

So now we're outside the subway station. A tall guy (foreigner) approaches us and asks AFD how to get to a certain army base. AFD tells me that it's easy for army dudes to spot one another - even if they are strangers.

He thanks me for coming out to meet him. He apologizes for his 'sleepiness' (?) in Dunkin' Donuts. He wants to hug me to say good bye.

Fine. If I like you, I'll give you a damn good hug! But with AFD, sadly - he got probably a quarter of a hug from me.

I walk away from him *very* quickly, not turning back to wave or anything. I reach into my bag for my MP3 player and try to drown the afternoons events with a Justin Timberlake tune.

When I reach home, he sends a text thanking me for coming out and meeting him. He asks again if I went straight home. I reply saying - Hell no, I went out! He sends a reply saying Ooooh I'm so cheeky. He said something else which I didn't understand.

I had to turn to Uncle GOOGLE for a definition on the word. After finding out what he meant, I decided at that very moment that I was *not* going to speak to this idiotic pervert ever again.

But he was still on my MSN contact list...

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