Friday, August 28, 2009

US Air Force Dude - Part 2

Before reading this, here is Part 1.

AFD and my FB chats moved over to MSN. We began chatting often, and I was beginning to enjoy his online company. He was sharp and witty.

He kept mentioning that I should let him know when I'm in Seoul so that we could meet up. I agreed to. But of course, I knew I wouldn't. He also claimed to make the "worlds best pancakes" and that I should definitely "try it out sometime!"

One Saturday night, my friend Kim wanted to go clubbing. The club we usually go to is *always* packed, but on this particular night it was almost frustrating being there with so many people. You almost couldn't dance and had to rely on being moved around by people around you to the hip hop beats blasting away.

Kim met a foreign guy (Kim's Korean, so foreign to her would be anything BUT Korean) and as usual, I was bored. I didn't want to go out that night in the first place. I'm not that big of a clubber, but Kim really wanted to go out that night. I wanted to go home, but my friend begged me to please wait a big longer. Of course I would. We arrived together and we'd leave together. No question about it. So while my friend was being charmed by an American (!) I was left leaning against a wall watching Korean guys in hip hop gear (baggy pants, over-sized hoodies, bling & shades - yes - SUNGLASSES) dance to some of the latest in Korean pop.

30 minutes later, I'd had enough of people pushing me over and having drinks nearly spilled all over me. I convinced Kim that it was time for us to leave. Her new American friend wasn't happy about this and was getting irritated with me, till I glared at him with my big eyes. "We're going now!" And we left.

The next evening (Sunday) after recovering from a late night, I was online as usual. AFD logged on.

AFD - What did you get up to this week-end?

I didn't wanna lie.

Me - I ended up going to Seoul with a friend.

AFD - Yeah? Me too. I was cruising solo.

Me - Do you like going out alone?

AFD - I prefer meeting up with people, but doing my own thing.

Me - I see...

AFD - So where did you go?

Me - We went to Gangnam.

AFD - No way. I was in Itaewon with some friends, but ended up in Gangnam (alone).

Me - Really?!!

AFD - Yeah! Where did you go in Gangnam?

Me - Oh we went to this club, but I was really bored. But my friend wanted to go, so...

AFD - Which club?

Me - NB


Me - Have you been there? I didn't enjoy it, it was too full.


Me - You were at NB?!

AFD - YES! Ohmygod... I can't believe this! I wish you told me you were there. But it was too packed, so I left and went home.

Part of me was relieved that I hadn't bumped into him. But the other part of me wished I had told him I was going to be in Seoul that night. If anything, at least I wouldn't have been bored to death waiting for Kim to finish playing with the American.


Nicki said...

OMG, your friend Kim sounds like the typical Asians...hahaha.

My hubby is non-Hmong, I'm Hmong...and the Hmong girls would think it's out of the norm with a different "race" hello....we're still all Asians!

Granted that Asians all speak different languages. Just look at India, so many different languages in one country!

Anyways, love reading your blog!!!

Sheetal said...

@ Nicki ~ Yeah - Kim is quite a character... she always seems to magnet herself to American or French guys!

Thank you, Nicki ... xo