Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to pack up and head back to Korea

My holiday was over, and before I knew it I was packing my bag on Saturday night (August 22 2009) to leave the following day.

My brother and I were trying to figure out what we'd done each day that the weeks went by SO quickly. I was very sorry not to have met some of my friends, and I hope they understand that time was simply not enough and for most of the time, the days and times that I was free - they were not.

Sunday morning, August 23 2009 I woke up early to catch my flight to Jozi. I know my mum was sad and she'd been dreading the day ever since I arrived in SA almost a month back.

Arriving at EL airport, even before stepping into the building, the guy who does the shrink-wrapping of the bags greeted us and made idle chit chat with me as I was walking. He asked, "Where are you going to? Durban?" GRRRRRRR

I stopped in my tracks and demanded to know why he said that.

"Is it 'cause I'm INDIAN that I must be going to Durban? For your information, I'm actually KOREAN and I'm going HOME to KOREA."

'Nuff said.

My luggage was overweight so I had to take a few things out and send it home with my parents (which will ultimately be sent over to me in a couple of weeks time)

And then, I heard that my flight was delayed - but not for too long.

I flew SA Express and again, was not impressed with the service of the flight attendants. I was the first to board the aircraft from East London, and I was battling to put my carry-on luggage into the overhead cabin.

"Do you think it'll fit?" I asked the attendant standing near me.
She just stood there looking at me and said, "I don't know."

Anyways, the flight itself wasn't too dreadful - except just very cramped. I read a bit of my book, Eat , Pray, Love.

Arrived in Jozi and made my way to International Departures where I waited for my flight to Hong Kong. I flew South African Airways. Thank goodness for my netbook - I was able to write a bit. (If only I could get online from there) and read as well.

Hong Kong airport is pretty easy to navigate. I flew Asiana from Hong Kong to Korea. After getting my boarding pass and finding my gate, I was able to log on quickly with my netbook and send a few emails and reply some messages and Tweets.

Boarded the flight to Korea and within 3 hours, I was back at Incheon airport.


explorer said...

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Sheetal said...

@ Hildo: Thank you for your comment :) In fact, I visited Philippines earlier this year. It was wonderful. I was in Manila for a few days. Are you from there? Thanks for visiting :)

Nicki said...

I want to go on vacation with you!

Sheetal said...

@ Nicki ~ Let's go!!! hehe

Sheetal said...

@ Nicki ~ Let's go!!! hehe