Friday, August 28, 2009

US Air Force Dude - Part 4

Here is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

This is something I *never* do, but at the time I was rolling around Asia like a free spirit, having recently visited Singapore and missioning to Malaysia from there alone. I'd also just been to the Philippines. I was a tough cookie. Ain't nothing could knock me down!

Fine. I agreed to meeting AFD for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Itaewon. I really don't like going to Itaewon. It's swarming with foreigners, mainly US army folk. But I agreed to meeting AFD at the Hard Rock Cafe. If anything, I knew that it would be a story that would entertain my friends back home. Or you - reading this - for that matter!

He sent me a text while I was on the subway heading there saying he's starving and that he was on his way.

We met in Itaewon, in front of Burger King. He wasn't subtle about looking at me from head to toe - sizing me up? Did I "have it going on"in the flesh as I apparently did in my FB photos?! He, on the other hand seemed to be one of those people who photograph very well, and whose personality seems to shine through in their photographed face. But in reality? ....

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe, which has stairs leading underground to the actual restaurant. Once inside, it's like you've escaped Korea. Everything about it is American.

I ordered a vegetarian starter as my main meal while AFD ordered a burger. He wanted to know something about an item on the menu, and was confusing our waitress. He went on to speak s-l-o-w-l-y as if she was a retard. This already pissed me off. I hate it - hate it- when people do this to non-English speaking people.

He sat slouched in his chair. This didn't sit well with me.

AFD - So tell me more about yourself?

What am I supposed to do? Memorize my CV (resume) for when people ask me this question?

Me - What would you like to know?

This seems to always be my response to that question.

AFD - Well, what did you do before you came to Korea?

Me - I was a journalist.... and

AFD - Really? (He takes out a motoring magazine from his bag) I've got this really great idea I wanna tell you about.

Ummm... I wasn't quite finished with what I had to say ?!?!?

He rambled on and on about something to which I'll admit, I just shut down.

For the next hour, the conversation was crumbling. And as I write this, I can't even remember what kind of topics we covered. But I can remember this: Thinking that I need to get the hell out of there becaus this guy is 1) obnoxious and 2) keeps cutting my answers to his questions with something else HE wants to talk about.

When we're nearing the end of the meal, he asks if I'll go with him to Yong-san (a mega digital store near where we were). I REALLY didn't want to. But I figured, I'd just catch the subway home from that station. And maybe a change of scenery would do good for our conversation - or lack thereof.

I reached into my bag to pay for my meal but he said lunch was on him since he invited me out. Ok. Fine. Score 1 point.

He walked with a typical guy swagger, with a backpack on his one shoulder - giving off an impression of "I'm the man"

Ohmygod, was I really out in public with a person who I always vowed I'd never been seen out with? And we caught a cab to Yong-san.


Nicki said...

Sheetal, you're so funny. There has to be a movie made about your life in Korea!

Sheetal said...

@ Nicki ~ hahahaha! Thanks, love xo