Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just in time @ Incheon Airport

On Friay, July 24 2009 I left my apartment just before 4pm. My building manager helped me get a call taxi to go to the bus stop where I'd get the airport limousine to Incheon airport. Usually, getting from my apartment to the bus stop takes about 1.5 minutes, but on Friday it took about 10 minutes. The traffic was heavy. To get to Incheon aiport takes about 1 hour. But then again, all the times that I'd gone, it was early in the morning or late in the evening.

I *always* arrive about 2.5 - 3 hours early before my flight. I'm paranoid like that. Guess I got it from my dad :)

So my flight was at 7:45pm, but at 5:45pm I was still on the bus. The traffic was really heavy and it was a Friday afternoon. Also, the calls from my manager and to my mum (about changing my ticket to come back a week earlier because of swine flu) made me waste at least 30-45minutes.

I arrived at Incheon airport just after 6pm, and couldn't find which counter I had to check in. When I found out, I nearly ran to Counter M (Asiana Airlines desk). I was *fierce* with my luggage trolley and showed no mercy to wondering toddlers and slow walkers.

Standing in the queue, I felt a bit stressed but felt a bit relieved after checking in. I was 2kg overweight. I was really nervous about this. I had packed a few books and boxed gifts, so my bag was pretty heavy.

NOTE: When checking in, smile to the person helping you and make idle chit-chat, in the hopes of distracting them ;) hahaha

So I rushed to my gate and quickly got online from my netbook. A tall man came to ask if he could sit next to me. After a few minutes he started making conversation. He was an American. But to be honest, I wasn't in the mood for small talk. I was still pretty p*ssed off from the phonecall earlier. And I even forgot to call some friends to say bye...

Standing in the queue to board the aircraft, I made 2 quick calls to say goodbye.
I don't know why, I was very irritable with all the snotty-nose kids around me. I said a special prayer - "Please, please, please...let there be no crying babies on the flight."

I won't lie. At that moment, I was really happy to be leaving Korea. And I was off to Hong Kong.

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