Monday, August 31, 2009

First day back at school

For the entire past week, I've only been falling asleep at 04:30. It was agonizing tossing and turning in bed. Last night, I probably fell asleep around 2:00am - not ideal, but so much better than 04:30am, yeah? Apart from the darn mosquito buzzing near my ear and having an absolute feast on my meaty body, I was happy to have woken up when my alarm rang this morning.

I got to work pretty early 'cause I had paperwork to sort out before my first class at 9:00am. I was genuinely happy to see my lil' kiddies again. I taught 6th graders all day & started a new chapter, "How was your vacation?"

One of my 6th graders said to me,

"Teechurr! In-ploo-en-za (influenza) ... you ... ok?" :-)

I had a very warm & loving welcome back to work from the staff. Bit disappointed that our vice-principal is moving to another school, and another teacher friend of mine (Sun-young) has also been moved to another school. Many people (foreign teachers included) are always surprised to know that I'm with my same school/employer for 3 years in a row. Not that common...


Nicki said...

Welcome back to school!

Love it and hate it but it wouldn't be the same! :)

Yes, I'm your #1 follower. I'm sure you have stalkers too but none of them will comment like I do :)

Sheetal said...

@ Nicki:

I can only ever say thank you to you. Please know that I appreciate the time you take to read & comment.