Friday, August 28, 2009

US Air Force Dude - Part 3

Here is Part 1 and Part 2.

AFD and I began chatting quite often, almost daily. We talked about his life in America and Europe. We talked about what kind of things there are to do in Seoul over week-ends. He said he found me very interesting and open-minded.

Of course, this is a compliment I can accept quite gracefully :)

He was about 29 years old, and didn't drink alcohol.

Me - But you're always going to hoff's (Korean bars) when you're out.
AFD - I have Coke. Or OJ (orange juice)

This guy was turning out to be quite nice, and I almost thought he could be placed on my list where only Brian's name lived - the list is: "Americans who defy stereotypes" In other words, they're not obnoxious, arrogant and actually KNOW that South Africa is, in fact, a country.

One night, AFD said we should play a little game.

AFD - We both ask each other 3 questions. It can be anything.

Me - Hmmmm, Ok...

Right now, I can't remember the questions we asked each other exactly, but they were along the lines of:

- What's your favourite dessert?
- If you had any super power, what would it be and why?
- Who's your role model?

It was fun, and got me thinking. Till he wanted to play it again. One of his questions:

- Do you kiss on a first date?

My answer? I'm not replying.

He asked me something else that I won't write on here, and since I refused to answer he said he was becoming more curious about me.

AFD - I'm curious about you.

ME - Why? I'm just a regular girl.

He went on to tell me about the time he lived in London. There were Indian girls all around, but they tended to stick in their cliques. He said he's always been curious about Indian girls in particular.

So I thought - Ok, I know where this is leading. And I hurriedly made an excuse that I had to log off, and I left the chat. Turns out, he was no better than the other American's I'd met while in Korea. American guy (in the army) interested in one thing.

I went to the Philippines for a week, and didn't have to chat to him. I was hoping he'd forget about me, eventually delete me off FB and find someone else who could satisfy his curiosity.

Because I knew for sure - It ain't gonna be me.

When I came back to Korea from the Philippines, we chatted again for about 2 weeks. I was off-ish with him at first, but then he was coming 'round to being decent again and not talking about being "curious" and whatnot.

AFD - Have you been to the Hard Rock Cafe in Itaewon?

Me - No, is it good?

AFD - I had lunch there the other day. I wanna go back there.

Me - Mmmm, sounds good.

AFD - Let's have lunch together tomorrow.


Nicki said...


Americans aren't that bad, are they?


Sheetal said...

@ Nicki ~ Unfortunately, the American soldiers here are.. :(
...but some of my very good friends are American, so I can't be dissing all Americans ;) xx