Friday, August 28, 2009

US Air Force Dude - Part 6

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I log on less frequently on MSN, and when I do AFD apologizes AGAIN for his 'behaviour' (?) at Dunkin' Donuts. He goes on to say that he knows he probably didn't make a good first impression and would I please give him another chance.

Gotta give the guy credit for THAT - that he didn't make an impressive first impression.

I tell him not to worry about it. Everything's cool. I figured I needn't be ugly to him as he was going to be leaving Korea soon anyway.

So one evening, I'm having dinner at my favourite restaurant with my friend Kim. AFD sends a text.

"Will you be online later? We need to talk"

I reply saying I'm out and don't know when I'll be back home.

(I always reply texts)

Later that night - even forgetting about the text - I go online.

A box pops up in the bottom right hand corner of my screen with AFD's pic and a message saying "hi sweetie"

AFD - Can we talk?

Me - I just got in and on my way out again.

I had actually just showered and was in my PJ's.

AFD - Ok sweetie, we'll talk another time.

Me - What's up?

AFD - You go. We'll talk tomorrow.

Me - Tell me now. I have a few minutes.

AFD - We have to talk about us.

Say what? "WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT US"??? Since *when* did HE and I become US?

Me - Go on...

AFD - I'm sorry again for the first time we met. But I think ur really special. I only have a few months left in Korea, and was wondering if you'd want to ... start something?

This guy was not for real. Was he?

Me - I don't think I quite understand you?

AFD - I'm leaving for Germany in June. But I'd really love for us to go out.

Ohmygod! I forgot that I was supposed to be "on my way out" so went on to say:

Me - Thank you, but ... I don't think so.

AFD - Ok, that's totally cool. But can we hang out sometimes? Like over week-ends?

Me - Ye, if I can.

What the hell was that? "If I can?" Even I thought that was a pathetic line!

AFD - If you can??

Me - Yeah, I'm going to start working on Saturdays soon, so I'm gonna be kinda busy.

(Korean school's are open every second Saturday, so this is believable)

AFD - Ok, cool sweetie. Anyways, you go... and we'll talk again.

Me - Sure - g'nite! :)

I logged off MSN. PHEW - I finally got rid of AFD!

But he still sent me a few texts - usually on Saturday nights asking what I'm doing that night, or merely informing me that he was on his way to Seoul. I wasn't particularly interested to know his whereabouts. The more off-ish I was to him, the less he texted.

From his FB status updates, I could tell he had left Korea and was on his way to America before heading off to Germany. He never Inbox-ed, texted or called to say that he was leaving.

While I was in South Africa and relating this story to a friend, I tried searching for his profile to show my friend his picture. But he wasn't appearing on my Friends list. I hadn't deleted him.

He deleted me.
AFD deleted me.

I guess he needed space on his Friends list for the girls (Indian?) he's bound to meet in Germany. Let's hope THEY can satisfy his curiosity. Coz I sure as hell disappointed him ;)

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