Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bomb Scare @ Retail Park, Beacon Bay

I don't enjoy shopping at all. If I need to buy something, I need to know exactly what I need so all I have to do is go in, buy it and get the hell outta there. I especially hate shopping for clothes, but I needed to get a few things for taking back to Korea and for our trip to Durban.

So ... on Wednesday, August 5 2009 my mum and I were at Retail Park in Beacon Bay (East London) when there was a bomb scare. We thought it was only the store we were in, but turned out that the whole center had to be evacuated.

My first thought - Daaayum! I wanna stay & take pics :)
My second thought - If I don't make it outta here, who's gonna pack up my apartment in Korea?!

I know. My imagination runs wild at the best of times. Anyways, mum and I left Retail Park and moved to the next shopping option - Vincent Park! Well, that was the excitement of the day for lil' ol' East London :)

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