Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Seo-gyun, not tonight!

After a pretty crappy afternoon (more in the next blog) all I wanted to do was head straight home from work, take a shower and climb into bed. Oh yes - and feel sorry for myself. My mum convinced me to go to the gym because it'll be better than moping around home.

Remember Seo-gyun from last week?

When I arrive at the gym, Seo-gyun is already on the treadmill. He doesn't see me. After 20 minutes he spots me, stops his treadmill and heads over to the one next to me. He tells me he hasn't seen me for a few days and asks what time I arrived.

He asks in Korean if Die Hard is fun. Die Hard 4 was playing on TV and I had it on.

I tell him I'm a little sick today - hoping he won't talk too much and follow me around. I'm really not in a chirpy mood and would much rather be punching something.

...but he does! He follows me into the dance studio and just stands there wanting to talk more.
He keeps asking me something, but I can't understand him.

He also asks where my classroom is. It's common for past students to visit their old teachers. Does he want to come and visit me at school? I tell him I move around a lot... sometimes I'm on the 4th floor, sometimes 5th.

When I head out to do some weights, the gym instructor spots us and gives me a big grin. After about 20 minutes, I'm ready to leave.

"Bye, Seo-gyun!"
He rushes behind me.
"I my go"

I say goodbye to him downstairs and we go our separate ways.

He yells in Korean, "See you tomorrow, ok?!"
I think I may have a tail!


Unknown said...

Oh dear. What if you ask your gym instructor to keep him away from you, but not hurting his feeling or so? You have to keep him away or he will be your fan. Lol. Take care.

Ken Wilson said...

Is this normal 'teacher-worship' or does this boy have a problem? Can you communicate with the gym people in English or Korean? And do you think it might be time to talk to his parents? You are being very sympathetic to this boy, but by any standards, his behaviour is unusual...

Sheetal said...

I'm going to do exactly that :) Coz he's not getting any exercise! I think he feels like he just made a new friend!

Sheetal said...

I think he's harmless, but I am going to tell the gym instructor to keep him occupied with something else! Will update again :)