Friday, November 20, 2009

PA Part 3 - "I think your mind isn't good now"

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It's quite a walk back to the car. I'm thankful for this because I really need this fresh air. Yong-un insists I take his jacket. What I really want to do is take off all my clothes that I'm wearing, because in that state I feel so restricted. I want to pull and rip off everything on my body. My earrings, necklace, rings, socks... but I know this feeling will pass.

As we walk, he makes corny jokes trying to make me laugh. And it works. Slowly, my speech comes back and I feel more relaxed. We meet the other teachers who have been waiting for us. I can sense they don't know whether to ask if I'm OK or just pretend everything's fine. Some of them (including my Korean brother) looks at me sympathetically. I think I'm probably looking like crap.

Yong-un tells me he's taking me home. I remembered he had plans for the evening.

"But you have to meet your friends."
"I'll take you home first."

So we sit in the car waiting for it to heat up. And he starts with his jokes again. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My eyes are pale (compared to the "shiny eyes" I had a few hours ago) It's like my face muscles are pulling. But I still manage to smile.

"What do you think of my first aid?!"
"You are Number 1 - thank you!"

"I think your body is very good" (He's not hitting on me. He's merely telling me I'm healthy!)
He puts his hand on his chest and says, "...but I think your mind isn't good now. Do you have much stress these days?"

"I have regular stress" (Which is what? I wonder after saying that)
He goes from jokes to being all serious with me.

The other teachers come to the car as they're on their way home as well. One of them has to pass my apartment, so we decide I'll get a ride with her instead. Five minutes later, Yong-un calls me.

"Sheetal, are you OK?"
"Yes, thank you"
"When you go home, take that medicine again. 2 from each box"
"Ok, I will. Thank you"
"Send a message when you get home"
"I was a good first aid, right?!" he asks with a chuckle.
"Yes, you definitely were. Thank you!"
"Have a nice evening"
"Thanks...and you too"

Feeling a bit tired and sore, I'm home-bound.

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