Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today I'm grateful for...

Today I was at the TEDxSeoul event from this morning. I'm beat! My head's throbbing (probably from typing all through the talks and being in the crowded room all day. And my body's sore from sitting for such a long time. I'm going to pass out any minute now, but I remembered what I said a couple of days ago - that I will list 5 things (even trivial) I'm grateful for every day. So before I shut down for the night, here goes:

Saturday, November 28 2009

Today I'm grateful for...

  1. ...the weather holding up & not raining. Would have hated trekking to Seoul in the rain.

  2. ...the organizers of the event as well as volunteers (eg: those who did simultaneous translations from Korean to English) I met some awesome and dynamic people. I was excited to meet Oh Yeon Ho - CEO of

  3. ...a lady (I assume from the catering company) who went to get me something else to eat when she knew I couldn't have the croissant because it had ham in it. The place was buzzing with people and I was appreciative of her doing that.

  4. ...someone I met (Na-young) who helped me get a cab back home and tried to convince the driver to give me a set price instead of using the meter ;)

  5. ...the cab driver, for not getting mad at me when I changed my final destination. (Other drivers have moaned and groaned when I've done this!)
Good night, friends... xxx

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