Sunday, November 22, 2009

A: How are you? B: I'm fine...

How often do you say "I'm fine" when asked "How are you?"

Saying "I'm fine" doesn't gel well with me. I feel like when someone says "I'm fine" it doesn't give much room for follow-up questions. Almost like, "I'm fine (now please don't ask further questions)"

I almost never say it and if I do, I find that I say it with a sigh.

A - How are you?
Me: *Sigh* I'm fiiine.

Well my friend enlightened me on what "fine" actually stands for:

F - Frustrated
I - Irritated
N - Nervous
E - Emotional

I've realized that I say "I'm fine" when I'm one or all of these things.
What about you?


Nicki said...

I hate when people answer as fine too...but I thought about it. Most people really don't care to know how you are doing, just asking out of courtesy, hehe

Sheetal said...


Indeed.. "How are you" has lost its meaning and people actually just don't care!