Monday, November 30, 2009

Filing today away in the "Fcuk my life" folder

Today I ran on about 3 hours worth of sleep. I was fine because I was busy all day, and was told I needed to submit 15 lesson plans by tomorrow. While I was working frantically, Mr Kim came to my office. I spoke about Mr Kim, my IT guy on Friday.

He wanted to show me the names of the files that was recovered from my hard drive.


I apologize if this sounds morbid, but what the hell. I can only liken my experience and feelings to death. As I scrolled down the list of things that were recovered, it was like I was being asked to "identify a body" (which I've never done before)

I recognized some folder names, namely: London /Jeju Island/ South Africa-Durban/ At home and some others.

I have to pay about $300 (US) for this. After Mr Kim left, I felt my shoulders and arms feel very tight. I was tired of sitting at my desk clicking my mouse and typing frantically, but I had to meet a deadline. And now the loss of my data on my hard drive.

I feel like putting this day away in the "Fcuk my life" folder. Those who know me will know that it takes A LOT for me to say THAT. So ummm... yeah, I guess that's the way I'm wrapping up November 2009...


Unknown said...

Hi there. There are lots of adviceses in mind, like i am scroling long list. But just want to say that take care n u will make it. You go girl. Chow

Sheetal said...

Thank you, Chetan...Indeed, I will make it :)