Monday, November 30, 2009

Today I'm grateful for...

Monday, November 30 2009
Today I'm grateful for...

  1. ...having the energy to teach 6 classes, have speaking tests and complete 15 lesson plans before 5pm. All this with only 3 hours of sleep last night. Thank you to higher powers for the strength!

  2. ...the awesome vegetarian lunch today - my favourite: tofu stew.

  3. ...Mr Kim, my IT guy for helping me and being so kind and considerate about my hard drive drama-fiasco.

  4. MOTHER for listening to me and always being able to empathize with me no matter what. I love you!

  5. ...a man who lives on my floor who I shared an elevator with this evening. He wanted to give me 5kg of kimchi! I had to decline, but I appreciated the gesture.


Unknown said...

Hmmm, nice... Why you always talk about food when i m hungry? lol.. Tofu stew.. sound tasty.. can i have recipe plz? I am glas that you got your data from hard drive, next time use big capacity flash-disk.. mmmm but there is also chance of short circuit.. :) Write a DVD? mmmm.. it can break it...ha ha ha.. just teasing you... Say hello to your lovely mom. And what is Kimchi again? ... Can i make it here in SA? I am very found of good food :-p (i wonder why i had tummy pain for 3 days), so i like to try new new dishes.. just now i bought a set of 22 cooking book.. Made cookies, crunches...and a flop quiche.. that made both of run Anyway.. let me end of my story of today here... Take care..

Anonymous said...

chetan i just love your comments.
you write so well. you need to email me so you can make me smile too.