Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr Right, Mr Wrong, Mr Blah Blah Blah

>Got this in an e-mail from my friend, Sean

Too many Mr Wrongs around
Never give up your freedom and happiness for a damned loser

LOOKING for Mr Right will bring you into contact with quite a number of losers. When it comes to dating, we all know how hard it is to know who the bad guys are.

It takes patience to find someone you can respect, whose heart is open to you and whom you can be with without going mad.

Don’t give up your freedom and happiness for these guys. They will always put you and your needs second – or last. Read on to see who these guys are and what you can do about them.

Mr I spend more time getting ready than you

Ego is one thing, vanity another. We know men need a mirror to shave, check their physique and have a last-minute look at their hair and that’s okay.

But if this Mr is always looking in the mirror he won’t have as much time for you – and apart from that, it’s just wrong.

Mr Don’t touch me I have issues

If he sleeps in his T-shirt and boxers with pyjama pants on and the covers wrapped around him because he likes to be cosy and feel secure, watch out!

If you reach over in a restaurant to lovingly rub his sore shoulder and he pulls away and says, “Not in public”, be wary.

Intimacy is found in every aspect of a relationship, inside the bedroom and outside as well.

You deserve a man who has let go of his fears, his past failures and pain and feels comfortable with himself.

Mr Come on I wanna lay you

Have you ever had that wandering hand under your blouse on your second date when you were expecting only a goodnight kiss?

Or has he finally confessed that he is married, that he never wanted to do this before but he’s just so into you and, he’s so lonely?

What about the man who said, “Baby, you can’t keep me waiting very much longer” after just a few dates?”

How can we forget about the guy who wants to take you away before you even know his last name. This Mr wants one thing, and it isn’t a relationship.

My name is Tom, I am unemployed and I live with my parents

Which of these three don’t you get? Does emotionally crippled come to mind? These men are users and are incapable of looking after themselves. It can be this way at any age.

We want strong capable men who have been weaned. Run a mile!

Mr I love your bag ... where did you get it?

He is more interested in getting your look than getting you. He talks about how he notices other men looking at his ass and then asks you, in an oddly perky way, if that’s normal.

This Mr is an information gatherer because his secret dream is to look just like you and therefore he’s not to be trusted.

He is also somewhere on the scale between four and six – six being totally gay.

Mr Oops, I forgot my wallet

You meet for a drink at a restaurant . Somehow you find yourself talked into joining him for dinner and then he insists on ordering an extra special bottle of wine, an expensive meal and desert.

Get the picture? Damn! (Mr exclaims) I must have forgotten my wallet at my lawyer’s office . Will you cover this and I promise to write you a cheque or I can give you the cash the next time I see you?

Mr I’m not separated but I am almost divorced

I’m so over her he says, but she is still living in our house and I am paying the bills and I can’t just leave her on her own. She doesn’t have a job and nya, nya nya.

This Mr is still very emotionally involved with the woman he was, or still might be, in love with. This could leave you feeling more like a mistress than a girlfriend.

Mr Now you see him now you don’t

The date was fabulous. What a couple we were. We talked for hours with excitement and glee, and then he disappeared.

When he reappeared some time later the same thing happened. When he calls again and you reject him he just doesn’t get it.

Now you are a challenge (and these men just love a challenge) and the calls never stop.

This behaviour is one of the many signs of a commitment phobia.


April Braswell said...

ROFL! OK, I have been spending a LOT of time in Southern California recently... and DEFINITELY. SOME of the single men here put forth an image of where they think THEY are the good looking one.

And yet... when it comes to single women, I am always quoting from the 1980s movie, "Torch Song Trilogy," ... "Just remember, I'm the pretty one."

Ladies, we are ALWAYS the pretty one,don't you think?

April Braswell

Sheetal said...

Hi April,

*Yes!* We are ALWAYS the pretty one ;-)

Thanks so much for vising (^^,)