Sunday, October 25, 2009


As I write this post, there's a drilling sound coming into my apartment from the car shop on the corner. I'm only aware of it when it stops for a few seconds.

When it stops, I'm aware of what else I can hear. My TV is on upstairs and I can hear it very faintly. There's the ticking sound of my clock on the wall. And there's my Twitter notifications.

Right now I'm sitting downstairs in my apartment typing on my netbook. On my netbook, I use the Tweetdeck application which has a ringing notification sound. Upstairs is my notebook where I use Seesmic and the notification sound on their is a "ping".

There's too much noise!

Take the time to realize how much noise pollution surrounds us on a daily basis.

Working at an elementary school, I have to endure *a lot* of noise. Ringing of school bells, children running down the passage, children screaming, children fighting. One would think that being surrounded by children all day would surely have a positive effect on someone, but that's not always the case.

There are some days when I'm very sensitive to noise as it seems I am this evening.

Now all I hear is my clock ticking and sound of my typing. Although I'm sure I'll hear a car door slam or the revving of a motorbike outside my apartment window very soon...

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