Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello Jeju!

At the airport

My new friend and I walked into the airport together. I only had my carry-on, but he had to collect his luggage. He said I should wait for him and he'd help me get a cab to my hotel.

A man in a uniform holding a clipboard approached me and said something in Korean. My new friend said something back to him in Korea, (that I live in Korea and flew in from Seoul).

Well apparently the camera picked up that "I" had a very high temperature so they needed to take my temp right there and then. Fine. He was an official and there was a special section set up for all this. *There's caution for Swine Flu EVERYWHERE*
He said my temp was higher than normal, but he let me go.

They were giving out tubes of hand cleansers at the exit (all for H1N1)

So my new friends kept to his word - put me in a cab and told the driver where to take me. And off I went to my hotel. I've always said that almost anywhere in Korea looks the same. There's a Paris Baguette (bakery), Family Mart (convenience store) etc everywhere, so I may as well be back home.

But I could definitely feel that I was on an island. How? My hair started to misbehave :(

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