Thursday, October 15, 2009

Loveland Theme Park

So... Loveland Theme Park! It's the only theme park in Korea of a sexual/erotic nature. I heard about it from my friend 2 days before I left for Jeju. She said that a professor from her university created it. It's basically an open park with massive sculptures of various sexual acts. Once you enter, everything has sex screaming at you (even the door handles of the bathroom). I can't post photos on here for obvious reason - the theme park has an age restriction of 18.

After 10 seconds of walking in, I was not expecting to see a GIANT male organ emerging from the ground 'welcoming' me. I walked around - not knowing where to look, how to look etc...! I had a smirk on my face and even uttered "Ohmygod" under my breath a few times. Was I really in Korea? A society that is so conservative really has a theme park like this? No way!

After a while, it feels less embarrassing to be there and I took photos to my heart's content ;)

There's a gallery with some displays. *Wow*! Let's just say - it leaves very little to the imagination. The lady working there was showing me various things and giggling so much. What a job she has...!

Everything about Loveland is sexual - even the shape of the park (depicted on the map) is phallic-shaped!

Anyways, the rain came down again :'( I was bummed about that. I don't like grey skies in my photographs. Headed back to the hotel and chilled for the rest of the evening watching TV.

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