Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live Prawns for Lunch

Today (Wednesday, October 21 2009) the 6th Grade teachers went out for lunch. We went to Sorae Po-gu ... a little port area in Incheon City.

This isn't an aquarium!! You choose your meal from here (very fresh, indeed)

Not a water feature - someone's lunch!

Prawns were brought to the table still kicking in the pot

This guy jumped off the table onto the floor near me.
Yes ~ I freaked out!

....soon they were in Little Prawn Heaven

...and Prawn Cremation

I ate the carrots sticks

Bet this lil' guy didn't know he'd end up like this today

Way too many eyes in this bucket!

I ate a bit of the noodles

With Jeong-mo (6th Grade teacher)

Many restaurants in Korea have aprons you can wear so that
you don't mess your clothes when eating!

Swimming happily - but will end up on someone's plate soon

Sunset - time to go home

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