Sunday, October 18, 2009

Acquire love by spreading love

On my way to work on Friday (October 16 2009) I bought cakes and pastries for the teachers at school. As I took the corner to my school I greeted this lady as I do almost every single day. I don't know where she lives, but I presume she's homeless. I sometimes see her digging through trash.

When she saw me and my parcels and cake box from the bakery she smiled and started clapping her hands. Perhaps she thought it was my birthday?

As I walked on a few steps, I turned around and went back to her. I gave something from my parcels that I'd bought for the 6th Grade teachers. They'd all probably had breakfast that morning and were going to have a wholesome lunch at 12pm. I didn't know what this lady was going to eat. And regardless of that, I wanted to give her something.

I don't think she understood why I was doing that - I had just said to her in Korean, "Here's a present for you!" She was happy. And that made me happy!

...Result? I had a good day teaching my 4th Graders :)

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