Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Hotel

I was booked into The New Crown Hotel. Check in was very easy. Just had to give them my passport. I requested my agent give me a receipt of my payment (just in case)

I was on the 10th floor and my view was just of rooftops. Again, I could've been anywhere in Korea.

And of course, I was blissfully happy to know that I had internet access in my room :) I was really bleak about the weather. I was hoping to spend that afternoon out and about. But the rain came down and I hate being out in that weather.

So I chilled in the hotel for about an hour and decided that I didn't care - just had to get out. Where could I go? The weather seemed to have settled down a bit. Got ready to venture out & explore.

First stop: Loveland Theme Park...

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