Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crash Boom Bang (Part 1)

After a good and enjoyable Chuseok week-end, I was back at work yesterday (Tuesday October 6) I was happy to be back at work and was generally my jolly self. Until 2pm.

My last class of the day on a Tuesday are 6th graders (6-4). They are my nightmare and I spent the last lesson with them dishing out punishment. Yesterday we weren't having a regular class so my co-teacher and I agreed to show them a movie.

I had the movie, "School of Rock" on my external hard drive, and was going to put it on for them to watch. As usual they were being raucous and acting like hooligans. When the movie started, I heard, "Teacher! Volume!"

I rolled the chair back to turn up the volume on the sound system, not knowing that a cord from my hard drive was caught on my chair.

It fell to the ground. Under my breath I said, "Oh sh*t"

The movie stopped playing and the computer wasn't reading my hard drive. Right. Focus. Breath. Don't Panic. First things first - I lined up a few clips of Mr Bean from YouTube for the class to watch.

I darted off to the office to see what was happening to my treasure chest that is my hard drive. I started breaking out into a sweat. I called my IT guy, Mr Kim.

"Ahhh Sheetal!"
"Mr Kim! How are you?"
"I'm fine thank you"

I had to get right to it.

"Mr Kim, my hard drive...broken"
"Hard drive no access?"
"No access"
"OK don't worry, I come"
"4pm, ok?"
"OK! See you later"
"Don't worry"

My stomach was in knots.

I called Mr Kim again at 4pm.

"Mr Kim... (and then I asked in Korean if I must wait for him at school)
"What time coming?"
"30 minutes or 1 hour"

FINE! I just sat tight. Home time is at 4:40pm. Mr Kim came at 5pm and took my hard drive with him. We left the English classroom together and in the elevator he kept saying, "Don't worry, believe me!" and then he said, "I have hand of God!"

True. The man has never disappointed me before. He's pulled through for me one too many times and has put up with my frantic calls... MY calls to him even though he promised to call me back. But when I want something, I want it yesterday and I can't wait.

...and yet, he's SO sweet and kind. Goes out of his way to help me AND gives me tons of gifts. I can say that I love this man.

He told me to go home and not think about it.
But that was impossible because it was ALL I was thinking of ...

Crash Boom Bang (Part 2)

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Anonymous said...

oh my child im so sorry to hear all this but dont worry your IT guy will "DO IT AGAIN" for you.