Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kim tells me she's getting married

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'd be familiar with my friend, Kim who found love - for the second time 'round - over the summer holiday.

She called me earlier this week.
"I have something to tell you"

My instinct already knew what she was going to say.

"I'm getting married."

...but to actually HEAR it was something else!

All I could say was "What?!"

She told me that she wasn't going to have a wedding, but that they were just going to be court married. They're both divorcees and Kim has 3 sons. So she felt that she didn't need a lavish wedding. Also, she was trying to keep it low-profiled. Being divorced in Korea is very rare and some people are still treated like an outcast.

"You sound very happy!" I told her.
"I am, but also I'm a little nervous," she confessed.

Understandable. Kim's not had the best luck when it comes to relationships. Did I think Kim was rushing into this far too quickly? After all, she'd only met him in August (when I was in South Africa). That's two months. But who was I to say anything? I guess if it feels right, you've got to run with that feeling.

She wanted me to meet her fiance and we said we'd make a plan later on in the week. I could definitely "hear" her beaming over the phone! And I was anxious to see the man who'd succeeded at pulling at my friends heartstrings.

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