Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At Gimpo Airport (very) early for my flight

My flight was at 11:40am from Gimpo Airport. This was my first domestic flight in Korea and I'd never flown from Gimpo before. So I left home extra early (probably a trait I inherited from my dad!)

I took the bus from my apartment to Bucheon station, rode to Singil Station - transferred to another line and headed to Gimpo - I love that there's a subway station right there at the airport! The whole journey took about an hour. Getting out of the train to find the exit was a bit tricky, but I eventually managed to locate exactly where I had to be.

I was early, but checked in and decided to see if I could settle somewhere and browse the net (had my netbook with me) and I just love that Korea has free wi-fi at the airport.

I went straight to my gate where I had to board. It was completely deserted. Didn't matter - I was so happy to get online. I was kept company from my online family & friends in America & Canada.

People started arriving. But not for my flight. There was even a flight taking off before mine. There were couples everywhere! Young couples with babies, and in some cases - grandparents, grandchildren. For many Koreans, Chuseok week-end is the only time (apart from New Years) that they get to see their parents/grandparents.

OMG - what the hell did I do booking a ticket just for ME on the busiest week-end in Korea? Was I crazy?

There was almost no accommodation left, but I managed to find a hotel (New Crown Hotel) that cost a LOT more than I expected to pay. I hoped and prayed that I wouldn't encounter to many couples where ever I was going. I was chatting to an uncle online while waiting for my flight, and I told him that I was hoping not to run into TOO many couples over the w'end. So he said that I could offer to take honeymoon pics for them (since I'm an avid photographer!) Not a bad idea, huh?!

...and then it was time to board.

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