Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mr Pizza & Pool

With my brother at Mr Pizza
Wednesday, August 3 2010

We met my friend, Joo-hyeon & Yong-won at Mr Pizza for dinner which was good. The night was still very young, so Joo-hyeon, my brother and I went to a pool hall after dinner. The last time I played pool (pocket ball) was in Apgujeong back in '07 (I think).

Unfortuantely, Yong-won had to leave early. Joo-hyeon claimed that she wasn't "that good", but she taught us a lesson or two!

Pool Hall
Joo-hyeon was going to Mongolia with church members over the summer vac, so this was basically the last time we were going to spend together

Over the past two years, she became one of my closest friends in Korea - a must when living abroad away from family & friends!

My brother was amazed at how alive everything was - even at 11pm! We went home to pack for our trip to Jeju the following day.

                                                My brother & Joo-hyeon

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