Thursday, September 16, 2010


SALT movie poster in Korea
                                Wednesday, August 4 2010

As I said, I thought we'd take it easy for the first day or two, knowing how tired my brother would be, but no! He was ready to go out straight after breakfast. I didn't want to trek out to Seoul just then, so we went to Bucheon and spent the day at Hyundai Department Store. Many people would argue against watching movies in a foreign country, but honestly, watching movies in Korea is an experience not to be missed!

We watched SALT (Angelina Jolie). Now I'm not a Jolie fan, but oh haute damn! This chick kicked ass...and how!

After the movie, we had lunch and did some shopping. We made our way home to quickly get ready and meet up with my friend, Joo-hyeon.

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