Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jozi (3) Brightwater Commons

Brightwater Commons
On my way to the airport in EL, I realize that my black eyeliner is finished and I don't have a back up. So my priority (yes, priority!) is to get to Clicks and buy one. AK and I go to Brightwater Commons soon after I arrive.

There's a young girl doing some kind of promotion for a spa outside the entrance of Clicks.

Promo Girl: Ladies, I'm going to offer you a manicure, pedicure and massage for only R200. How does that sound?

AK and I are already bought. R200? Hell yes! So Promo Girl takes our name and contact details and then asks us to sign.

I take the pamphlet from her and ask her what the fine print is that we need to sign.

Promo Girl: Oh, nothing. You just need to be over 18 years old...

She rambled on a few other things and we figured out that the appointments are only from Monday.

Me: ...but I'm leaving on Sunday, I won't be here then.

AK: Can't we get any appointment this week-end?

Promo Girl: Well, you can call them (points to a number and then looks at me) and tell them that you're going back to Durban.

What? What???

Me: Durban? What makes you think I'm from Durban?

Promo Girl: Oh, didn't you say you're from Durban?

Me: (Irritated and cheeky) No, I didn't.

Promo Girl: I'm sorry (tilts head to the side) Where are you from?

Me: East London.

Promo Girl: Oh, how is it there? Is it on the coast?

Me: (Knitting my brows) Of course it is!

Promo Girl: I wouldn't know, I'm from Jo'burg... I live in a bubble.

Me: (With a smirk) Clearly you do if you think that I'm from Durban.

Promo Girl: I'm sorry, I really thought you said that. I'm sorry.

Me: (Slight nod) You shouldn't assume.

So AK decides that she'll still take the package and we have to find an ATM to pay. When we go back to pay Promo Girl, she apologizes profusely once more.

Me: Just don't assume something like that again.

So, yeah...if you want to know how to really piss me off, go ahead and assume that I hail from Durban!

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