Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Midnight Ramblings

Sigh. For the past two hours, I've typed, backspaced, deleted and re-typed. Everything I wanted to write is swimming on the surface of my mind. It was a bit hard for me to write a full blog post (or several) and I need to get some sleep, but I needed to write something before I wrap this day up. Perhaps once I see it written down, it will inspire me to elaborate more on them and I will write full-length blogs.

  • Everything we do is filled with emotion 

If this wasn't the case, we'd be dead. Very often, we turn a deaf ear to our feelings and don't act accordingly. If you're sad, ask yourself why? Did someone upset you? Did you disappoint yourself? This afternoon I found myself feeling angry about something. I felt irritated. I actually verbalized this to my mum. "I feel angry, but I don't know why." When I hit rewind in my mind, I remembered what struck that feeling. I felt so silly feeling angry over something so trivial. I let it go. The point I'm trying to make is that emotions are that strong, that we can even tend to lose focus on what sparked it in the first place.

  • It's not all about you

If someone doesn't reply a message (of any medium), why assume that they're avoiding you or upset with you? I tend to do this from time to time. I wreck my mind thinking of reasons why, and I begin to doubt myself. Speaking from experience, let me say that it's hell. You begin to conjure up conversations - maybe even confrontations - with the other person and strong emotions will overwhelm you. Why? Why have this little conflict in your mind when you don't know what's really going on? When you eventually get to the bottom of it, you may even find that you wasted valuable energy on something that was actually...nothing.

  • Take off the boxing gloves
Lisa Nichols (in a section from The Secret) speaks about proverbial "boxing gloves". We all have them and use them to beat ourselves up (figuratively...I hope!) My boxing gloves rarely get taken off. I beat myself up over so many things which in the end mean nothing really.

There's a lot more to write, but I think that's for another post.
Now, I sleep.

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