Monday, September 20, 2010

Universal Studios

Sunday, August 22 2010

Darmesh, mum & me
The last time I was in Singapore, Universal Studios was under construction. I don't think it needs much introduction, but some of the things we saw: Madgascar merry-go-round, lunch at an old-fashioned diner, Hollywood (experienced what it's like to be on a set), streets of New York, Sci-fi city, Egypt, Jurassic Park, Fiona's (Shrek) castle, Shrek 4D movie, Donkey show.

This could very well have been the hottest day in Singapore. We arrived at Universal Studios pretty early, but as the day progressed and the heat became more intense, I began to feel weak and even sick. Nevertheless, looking back at my photos now, I think this was the highlight of our few days in Singapore.


Madagascar merry-go-round

Lunch at Mel's Diner

Look who Darmesh bumped into!

At Hollywood "studios"

On a movie "set"

Mum & Darmesh on streets of New York


Mum with someone from Sci-fi City

Jurassic Park

Fiona's (Shrek) Castle - Far Far Away

Waiting in line with Darmesh to see Shrek 4D movie

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