Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bollywood Remake: Archie Comics

I've been an Archie (comics) fan for many years now and I've just learned that our favourite characters will soon be seen on the silver screen. However, instead of being set in Riverdale, Archie and the gang will be in Delhi. The film will be called Boys Toh Boys Hai directed by first time director, Amit Chauhan and will star Anshuman Jha and Raj Kumar Yadav, who both debuted in Dibakar Banerjee's Love Sex Aur Dhoka.

The storyline isn't very original - it will revolve around four young guys who are all searching for...yeah, you guessed it: Love!

According to Bollywood Hungama,
"Anshuman plays a sardar in the film, complete with a beard and turban. He is learning Punjabi language to do justice to his character and is even learning to tie the turban from his Punjabi friends. Raj Kumar, on the other hand, plays a baniya. There is a character called 'Atal Bihari Bakshi' who is a Punjabi born in Bihar and will be played by debutant Anuj Kumar."
Apparently the film will maintain the look and feel of the original Archie comics by using the same colours.

The film is being produced by KE Entertainment and written by Manu Rishi of Oye Lucky and Aisha fame. The first schedule will commence in Mumbai this month.

Anshuman Jha 
Raj Kumar Yadav
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